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Free 3D CAD is better.

Most 3D solutions on the market are optimized to document finished solutions. "Plan your design before you start, think about how you want to change the model", etc. As if you always know what the end result looks like! This is exactly the opposite of how product development is done in reality and this costs the Engineering industry many millions every year.

Instead, you want to test, change freely, get new ideas, meet customers' changing requirements and so on. IRONCAD revolutionizes 3D CAD by solving this. It's real product development. Combine the freedom to change as you wish, but still have intelligent models with complete history. Flexibility combined with complete accuracy.

Cut a lot of expensive time with IRONCAD and create better products by making the program work as reality demands - adapt models freely without having to plan how.

Drag-and-drop finished 3D shapes, parts and assemblies from or to Directories. Drag handles and snap to other parts directly in the assembly to make precise changes in seconds! Use 2D sketch and extrude to 3D - if and when convenient. File management is time-saving, design directly in the assembly in one & the same file. Link out parts to external files only if and when you want. You can focus on design instead of administration. With a smarter way to create in 3D, IRONCAD is more efficient, easier to use and more flexible than traditional CAD solutions.

Powerful 3D CAD that gives you more freedom

Patented design tools that work directly in 3D in a revolutionarily simple way. It's like having a hand right into 3D space. IRONCAD lets you do things that seem like pure magic to traditional 3D CAD users. Design in 3D without going through 2D schematics if you want.

Intelligent models for configurations

IRONCAD solves the need to quickly create different variants incredibly efficiently. Drag-and-drop smart parts from catalogs. These attach together magnetically and also resize automatically depending on where you place them. Dimensions of entire assemblies are adjusted in a flash by pulling the handle - done!

With IRONCAD you use parametric design when appropriate and free design in the normal case. You choose freely between both methods and switch in the same part. Here, complete and customer-unique solutions can be created easily and quickly!

Drag-and-drop Sheet Metal

Extremely fast and efficient functions for creating bent sheet metal and unfolding them with one click. Export to DXF with drag-and-drop. Even expand imported plates. The tools are comprehensive for various Sheet Metal needs and are as simple as drag-and-drop, press and drag.

Modify parties at the aggregation level

Whether the design consists of 1 part or 10,000 parts, you can directly create or modify parts in the assembly for more accurate and faster design. You don't have to create the part in your own file and guess if it fits in the assembly. You can create sub-assemblies with a mouse click. True "Top - Down design"! Of course you can also link in existing files "Bottom - Up" .

Why choose IronCAD?

Why IronCAD is faster than Traditional 3D CAD!

Award Winning TriBall

One of the most powerful patented CAD tools in the world. Move, copy, pattern, and link features, parts, and assemblies all in a few clicks.

Customisable Catalogs

Use our drag and drop catalogs, or customise them yourself, adding in every part, feature, or assembly that is commonly used in your design process.

Item Three

Seamlessly integrated FEA & CFD analysis inside the IronCAD interface. Run a test, then change your model and click re-run in seconds.

Unified Design Environment

Design one part, or one million parts all in the same file. Design faster and more accurately in context.

Powerful Direct Editing

Easily customise and edit imported models without worrying about how they were made.

Patented Dual Kernel Tech

The only system in the world with dual kernel technology providing better import/export geometry.

Flexible Constraint Options

Choose when and where to apply constraints, and save hours upon hours of design time.

History Independence

Forget about history-tree crashes from traditional software. Design without fear of failure.

Save & Open DXF & DWG

Open DXF files in your model, and save them to send to CNC machines.

Bulk Drawing Creation

Create 100's of drawing views automatically with just a few clicks, from every part in your assembly.

Push & Pull Shapes

Instead of slow 2D profile editing, use our push and pull shape technology to design and build custom shapes faster.

Easy & Powerful Sheet Metal

A whole catalog of drag & drop sheet metal tools so you can design quickly and intuitively, then just one click to unfold your part.


Hundreds of thousands of users around the world.

From multi-billion-dollar corporations to one-person-garages.

“From the time we started using IronCAD as our 3D CAD system, we have saved time and money. We believe IronCAD is clearly the most user-friendly program because you do not need to think about the program; instead you can concentrate on the design. The user interface, together with TriBall and handles technology, places IronCAD in its own class of 3D modelers."

Forsell Teknik

“There are many features of IronCAD that have made our company much more productive in design, drawing, and production processes. These include and are not limited to the Triball, modelling with preset shapes and configurations, virtually no sketching required, ease of producing 3D workshop drawings from the Scene in multiples, exporting faces to DXF etc.”

Sean Brunt, Metwest Engineering.

“We switched from one of the most common parametric mainstream 3D CAD programs to IronCAD. We have not regretted this for a second. The change has saved both time and money – clearly IronCAD has increased our profitability.”

Daniel Erlandsson, Lerocon Weld & Robotics.

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IronCAD Add-ons

IronCAD Mechanical provides a range of catalog based productivity tools to automate tasks and speed up design time. It also has comprehensive libraries of common components like Structural Steel, Piping, Fasteners and more.

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KeyShot provides everything you need to create fast, accurate, amazing visual imagery and videos from your products. From scientifically accurate material editing, video animation and virtual reality.

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Multiphysics for IronCAD is a seamlessly integrated FEA simulation tool that works directly in the IronCAD interface. Simply add material, forces, and constraints to an IronCAD model and hit the "Auto Solve" button to generate analysis results.

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TRANSLATOR is a powerful extension that further extends the possibilities for collaboration by supporting direct opening of file formats from other CAD solutions.

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