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An advanced & easy to use FEM software fully integrated into IRONCAD. The user can quickly and easily perform calculations of designs.

This extension is included in the complete installation file for IronCAD DCS.

Analyse your design

Multiphysics for IRONCAD is an easy-to-use FEM software integrated with IRONCAD. The user can quickly and easily perform calculations of designs in IRONCAD. You can perform strength analyses that show the stress and deformation that the structure is subjected to under a given load. The results are displayed clearly and in the desired units. If the geometry changes, the FEM analysis is updated at the touch of a button.

Multiple analysis modes

MultiPhysics is adapted to all different users from beginners to advanced users. Multiphysics for IRONCAD provides completely seamless multiphysics for stress, thermal and electrostatic analysis. Included in the integrated multiphysics simulation software are the following analysis types: static/steady state, dynamic/transient response, modal/vibrational modes, instability buckling; and frequency domain.

Powerful supplements

For specialized users, Multiphysics can for IRONCAD be extended with additional functions. The Advance extension contains large deformation and large rotation functions and can be used to model nonlinear elastic, plastic and foam materials. The Advanced Dynamic add-on includes strain-stiffened modal and arc-length nonlinear buckling analysis, and the Fluid package covers flow physics effects.

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