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Own outright and payment plans options available.


Optional 12 month maintenance plan including software support and upgrades.


The Answers You Need

Subscription based licensing offers a cheaper upfront cost than buying the software outright, but this typically levels out between 2 and 3 years. So if you are planning to use the product for any longer than 2 years, buying the software outright, and paying a smaller support fee to keep it updated, will be cheaper and will protect you from being held ransom to any future price changes.

In addition, your companies CAD data is a valuable commodity, so it is important to own the tools you use to access it. Physically owning the software license ensures that the product will always be available for you to use to access and modify your data.

With companies offering subscription licensing, why should I choose a perpetual license?

IronCAD has an intuitive user interface and is easy to pick up, but it’s 'use' model is different to other CAD systems, so to get the best from it we always recommend some training.

Classroom training is not really necessary as there are a number of video tutorials available online, and we also have a video training program which takes you from a basic novice to creating full 3D model of an engine, along with detail drawings in just 4 days. This is available free of charge when you purchase a license.

Do I need training to use IronCAD?

You can work remotely on-site in unexpected circumstances, or when travelling and can continue to work without the need for an internet connection. In addition, your CAD data, is managed and controlled locally so your valuable data is not at risk.

With Cloud Based software available, why should I download and install software on my PC?

Support for IronCAD products is optional. You can just buy the product without support and it will continue to work at the current release indefinitely. However we do recommend support, and offer 2 alternatives.

• SS – Annual update only support contract to provide all our new releases and service packs and access to our community forum to log support incidents, home use license, to allow you to keep a spare license available for use at home or on a laptop for use when travelling and you are not able to use you main license, for 12 months.

• AA - Everything that SS provides, plus telephone support through your local resellers or our direct helpline.

Do I need to buy support with IronCAD?

No. IronCAD licenses (excluding rental) are permanent licenses with nothing more to pay. Every year we release new features to IronCAD which you have the option of upgrading to, but this is not compulsory at all. Generally we hope our new features will earn you more money than they cost you to upgrade. If this isn’t the case, we are happy for you to skip upgrading until the new features are worth it for your business.

What about maintenance costs? Am I locked in?

Often people focus on the cost of the product and not the benefit. IronCAD’s price is on a par with most mainstream CAD solutions, but, with its unique approach to design and some of the automation tools built in, in most cases we are 2 -3 times more productive for machinery design, so will start paying for itself day 1 - Call us today to find out how IronCAD can help make your business more productive tomorrow!

And finally, Price should always be the last consideration?

IronCAD likely presents the opportunity to significantly increase efficiency and therefore profitability of your company. All for just a few days training. The sooner you start the sooner you’ll see the benefits.


We are happy for IronCAD to be directly compared to any CAD system in the world, we can even help you do the comparison, many of our team (and customers) have detailed experience in a range of CAD systems. We are confident in the capabilities of IronCAD to outperform its competitors.

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