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KeyShot 11

KeyShot is a powerful add-on that helps you create stylish, photo-realistic product images and animations in real time. KeyShot is designed for the modern designer.

Real-time rendering

KeyShot is an add-on to IRONCAD that is capable of creating incredible renderings and animations quickly and easily. The link to IRONCAD allows the model to be transferred to

KeyShot at the touch of a button, where the user can add material effects, textures, background themes and lighting effects. The image is rendered in real time, so you can quickly see the effect of the changes you have just made. Creating photo-realistic product images and animations has never been easier.


We offer KeyShot Add on to both IRONCAD and INOVATE.

  • KeyShot for IC: 6 500:-

  • KeyShot PRO for IC: 10 900:-

  • (VAT will be added)


Step 1: Transfer to KeyShot

Once your model is constructed and ready for rendering, you can send your model via the Add-Ins toolbar in IronCAD DCS to KeyShot.

Step 2: The model is opened in KeyShot

This is a paragraph where you can include any information you’d like. Click to Edit and add your own text. Change the font, size or scale to customize the style.

Drag-and-drop any of the 700+ preset materials onto your model. The real-time view now instantly shows how the applied material reflects the scene's light and the material's properties.

Step 3: Colour your model

Step 4: Light and background

Choose a surrounding environment (HDRI). As soon as you drag and drop the lighting environment to your scene, you will notice the effect of the real lighting and how it captures the colours and finishes of your models.

How IronCAD DCS works with KeyShot

Step 5: See the amazing result

The image is now rendered in front of your eyes. From start to finish, a simple 5-step process to create incredible images quickly and easily, all in real time.

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