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Ankarsrum Kitchen AB

Made in Ankarsrum, Småland

Who doesn't recognise the kitchen assistant from Ankarsrum? Many people have been in contact with it, perhaps for decades. The first version actually came out as early as the 1940s - that's as much as 80 years ago! As you might guess, it is made in Ankarsrum in Småland. It has certainly helped many with cooking over the years. As you know, there are lots of accessories so the machine can be used for most things, whether you want to bake sourdough bread, stuff sausages, make your own pasta or fix a smoothie.

Complex drive with motor and gear

Now the assistant is refined and sophisticated in many ways. It is, of course, constantly evolving in IRONCAD in areas such as design and the all-important electric motor. It now has stepless speed control and overload protection which has led to increased power and even more reliability. And that's important for handling 5 kilos of dough, which requires a motor that can work hard and long. Other key components in the design include a gearbox developed for efficiency, function and durability.

Ankarsrum Kitchen AB

For many years, IRONCAD has been used successfully as a CAD solution. Of course, smart functions and efficient CAD tools are required to solve both the design, plastic parts and various mechanical components in a good way.

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