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Baltic Yachts

Building world-leading luxury yachts in IRONCAD


To be able to create large assemblies, whole boats in 3D containing lots of components, both imported and self-designed. To be able to make the best use of every space on the boat. To collaborate and fully support concepts and to be able to modify 3D models quickly, even in ways that could not have been foreseen.


After evaluation, the choice fell on IRONCAD and Solidmakarna was chosen as the supplier. With IRONCAD Baltic Yachts can, for example, import everything from large diesel engines to smaller components and directly modify these if desired. Entire boats can be handled in one or thousands of files. Everything can be changed with full control, regardless of how the creator of the models originally thought. Access to excellent support and training.


Absolutely outstanding boats in terms of construction, design and performance. Increased productivity. More efficient design work, easier to collaborate, develop, adapt and optimise everything that goes into the boats. Easy for production to see what needs to be done.


Baltic Yachts is based in Jakobstad, Finland, where it designs and manufactures boats. Founded back in 1973, the company has seen amazing development over the years. In the beginning, smaller sailing boats of "normal" size were created. Nowadays it can be luxury yachts like the 197-foot Baltic Hetairos, which at the time (2011) was the largest composite yacht in the world! Boats are now designed using the very latest in CAD, design and technology. The result is boats that are faster, stronger and lighter. Baltic Yachts uses high-tech materials such as carbon fibre and is a pioneer in new construction materials and methods. They have created many award-winning boats that are not only luxurious but are extremely functional and fast sailing boats that also participate in many racing events.

IRONCAD outperformed competing CAD systems

Baltic Yacht's team of designers had been using an older CAD solution for many years. But they realised that their designs were too complex to be created, visualised and evaluated in this system. They realised that the company needed a new and better solution to model complex details and to manage projects efficiently. After scanning the market, testing, comparing and evaluating various 3D CAD systems, they concluded that IRONCAD outperformed all other competing CAD systems hands down. The program met all the high requirements in terms of functionality, flexibility, ability to solve customisations quickly, even those that may not have been in the planning from the beginning. All based on a tip from a colleague who had seen IRONCAD for the first time at a technical trade show. Bingo!

Flexible and user-friendly CAD solution

With IRONCAD , Baltic Yachts has access to a flexible and user-friendly CAD solution that allows them to design their boats faster, more accurately and exactly the way they want. Whether it's a performance-enhancing hydrofoil, a retractable propeller or featherlight steering, Baltic Yachts can deliver the solutions. Compilations can be revised in IRONCAD without worrying about the history tree collapsing like a house of cards or models not being editable. This allows projects to be completed on schedule.

As a design tool we use IRONCAD and as a PLM solution we use DDM

"Baltic Yachts designs and manufactures the world's most luxurious sailing yachts - up to 218 feet! The construction requirements are of course extensive, ranging from the design of the mechanics, bulkheads, decks, engine installation, plumbing to interior design. Much is made in carbon fibre. Every boat is unique and flexibility is a must for us. As a design tool we use IRONCAD and as a PLM solution we use DDM. We have created really efficient routines with structures that are reused as templates in new projects. We are very satisfied with both solutions, as well as with the support from Solidmakarna which we have had as a supplier for many years."

Jan Wikar, CAD Manager, Baltic Yachts

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