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ZWCAD Classic

2D Draughting Software

From £400

  • Fluent and solid working with complex design tasks
  • We innovate to fulfill your design desires
  • Seamless compatibility with other CAD software
  • Code-level compatible APIs easily create better solutions
  • Flexible workflow between desktop and mobile
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by BuildSoft

From £260

/for 6-month
  • Easy and fast definition of connections from an extensive library of typical connection designs.
  • Completely compliant to Euro Code 3
  • Graphical user interaction for definition of design modifications.
  • Unlimited number of loads combinations.
  • User-definable threshold on connection loads for automatic identification of most critical loads combinations
  • Extensive range of connection types: beam-column, beam- column-beam, beam-beam, column base, beam-beam with bolted plate on flanges and/or web.
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by BuildSoft

From £331

/for 6-month
  • 2D and 3D structural models
  • Steel, Concrete, Timber, Bar, Plates, Slabs
  • 1st & 2nd order linear static analysis
  • Seismic, moving loads, linear dynamic analysis
  • Fire analysis
  • Cracking Calculation
  • Wind & snow generator
  • It's highly intuitive and versatile working environment enables you to do your job in the shortest possible time frame
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by Buildsoft


  • Graphical, interactive definition of geometry, boundary conditions and loads. Import of model geometry through DXF.
  • Elastic analysis of beams, columns and 2D portal frames & trusses for a combination of concentrated and distributed loads.
  • Integrated loads descent capability for automated definition of concentrated and uniformly distributed loads.
  • Automatic creation of analysis report.
  • Evaluation of longitudinal and transverse reinforcement requirements according to Eurocode 2 (limit state design method).
  • Reporting of concrete volume and total reinforcement weight.
  • Standard cross-section library, containing IPE, HEA, HEB, HEM, L, T, U, W, circular and rectangular cross-sections.
  • Verification of resistance and buckling stability (according Eurocode 3) for structural members.
  • Evaluation of minimum cross-section according to Eurocode 5 (limit state design method).
  • Reporting of total timber volume.
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With a reputation as a committed and cost-effective CAD/CAM solutions provider, ZWCAD has continuously satisfied the needs of 2D drafters around the world. ZWCAD+ our budget saving flag-ship product for CAD/CAM users has been tested by a large customer base.
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Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson currently use ZWSoft Solutions…..

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