Customer Stories

“The short time required to get excellent quality engineering drawings into the manufacturing cycle is incredible. We have found that after just a short time with the software even new CAD users can contribute in a productive manner. The freeform methods of modeling allow the non-technical people involved with the workflow to see the conceptual ideas and contribute their own ideas without being intimidated by the traditional constraints of high-end CAD software. Of course, the real power lurks just below the surface. The more experienced and advanced users have the ability to add a high degree of intelligence to models and assemblies very easily, even after the assemblies are put together.”

Rick Dorrington, CAD/CAM Manager.
Aero-safe Technologies

“IronCAD has made the design process much more efficient and effective allowing our designers more flexibility and freedom in their work than ever before. We could never be this efficient in Pro/E or other constraint based systems.”

Anders Uddman
Ankarsrum Motors

“Now at Schnaithmann we can create custom designs for our customers faster and with much higher quality within our flexible profile system, in the area of plant engineering the creation time for layout planning has been significantly reduced by IronCAD.”

Andreas Schnitzer , Senior Designer.

“What I really appreciate about IronCAD is that it works so freely and easily, it’s a really big difference in approach, more logically laid out. The ability to have as many parts in a single file makes working and designing much easier, especially given the complexity of the machines we design. If I later choose to have a part saved out to a separate file, I have that option, but it’s my choice. Having handles on the features makes it really easy to size components, SmartSnap makes accurate sizing relative to other parts in the design as simple as holding down one key on the keyboard and dragging…”

Richard Liljedahl

The Husqvarna Group, top producers of professional chainsaws, minesweeper saws, and trimmers, started using IronCAD in 2004 for product development. Over the years, many other departments at Husqvarna have adopted IronCAD as a tool for improving productivity and fostering collaboration throughout their organization. Just recently, Husqvarna decided to use IronCAD to design its latest $1 billion plant devoted to manufacturing chainsaw chains in Sweden.


"That's one of our focus points of our company, we never say no, and if we want to dliver the next day we deliver the next day, and IronCAD is very useful for us to design products that can be delivered the next day. It's very easy to learn, we have a default training program for each new employee, and within one week we can people for production purposes within IronCAD. We are very pleased with IronCAD."

Eddy Huis in 't Veld, Software Engineering Manager.
Van Keulen

“We have replaced both AutoCAD and SolidWorks with IronCAD. Many different fixtures and tools have been designed at Hexagon. When it comes to 3D-design, we do see a big advantage by using IronCAD. Our experience has been that we design faster and easier compared to our earlier solution because we don’t need to struggle with parametric relations and constraints. With IronCAD, we can design a whole project in a single file and we also get great usage with the catalogs by dragging and dropping parts and assemblies into new designs whenever needed.”

Patrik Kärrvall, R&D Manager.
Hexagon Metrology

Baltic’s design team had been using 2D CAD since 1988, but their designs were just too complex to visualize and test in 2D. They required a new system for modeling complex parts and assemblies. In the beginning of 2000, they started their search for 3D software. Based on a referral from a colleague who first saw IronCAD at an exhibition, they tested IronCAD and they found it hands-down outperformed all other competitors.

Baltic Yachts

“There are many features of IronCAD that have made our company much more productive in design/drawing/production processes. These include and are not limited to the Triball way of manipulation, modelling with preset shapes and configurations, virtually no sketching required, ease of producing 3D workshop drawings from the Scene in multiples, exporting faces to DXF etc.”

Sean Brunt
Metwest Engineering

“We switched from one of the most common parametric mainstream 3D CAD programs to IronCAD. We have not regretted this for a second. The change has saved both time and money – clearly IronCAD has increased our profitability.”

Daniel Erlandsson
Lerocon Weld & Robotics

"We use IronCAD’s dynamic modeling in machine design and then use IronCAD’s parametric technology for our dimension variant packaging. We have not seen any other program that lets us work this way."

Urban Olars.

"We’re an unusual company, because we’re always focused on getting the best solution, the fastest one, and the most clear one to everybody. Our building here is also called the solution factory, because we want to encourage people, that they come up with new ideas every day. Our daily reminder is the way down into the workshop [a slide]. Because of this idea of thinking and this mindset, we are way more productive than our competitors are. We use about 20 seats of IronCAD. You can design in 3D way way faster than normal programs, and it’s so easy that even a 15 year old boy learns it within 2 days… We are very pleased we chose IronCAD back in 2009."

Johannes Schreiber, Engineering Manager.