IronCAD vs Traditional CAD

Compare IronCAD to the approach taken by traditional CAD systems like SolidWorks, AutoCAD and more.

Traditional 3D CAD


Ease Of Use

Takes weeks to months to learn.

Takes days to learn.

Overall Speed

Often takes double the time IronCAD does.

Often does the same job in half the time.

Overall Methodology

Slow, conventional approach to 3D design.

Fundamentally more innovative approach.

Feature History

History dependent, difficult to make changes.

History-independent, easy to make changes.


Separate part and assembly files.

Unified design environment. One file.


Basic catalogs, minimal features.

Customisable catalog system.

Positioning / Constraints

Slow constraints and patterning tools.

IronCAD’s patented (& award-winning) TriBall.

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Free TrialSchedule Demo

What are you waiting for?

IronCAD likely presents the opportunity to significantly increase efficiency and therefore profitability of your company. All for just a few days training. The sooner you start the sooner you’ll see the benefits.

We are happy for IronCAD to be directly compared to any CAD system in the world, we can even help you do the comparison, many of our team (and customers) have detailed experience in a range of CAD systems. We are confident in the capabilities of IronCAD to outperform its competitors.

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