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2020 Released

BuildSoft has released 2020 for Diamonds, PowerConnect and BIM Expert.

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Easy to use finite element (FEM) software
  • Eurocode 3 (UK, DE, ES, PL, ...) and AISC- LRFD
  • Extendable built-in section library
  • Cross section classification
  • Buckling length calculation
  • Lateral torsional buckling supports
  • Cross section optimization


Diamonds calculates the optimal reinforcement solution according to Eurocode and ACI. This serves as a starting point for a practical reinforcement definition.
You can then calculate cracked deflections and crack widths for bar and plate elements or verify punching for plates and footings.
For beams, complete reinforcement drawings can be generated with  ConCrete Plus
  • Eurocode 2 (UK, DE, ES, PL, ...) and ACI
  • Cross section classification
  • Cracked deflection with creep
  • Crack widths
  • Deformation in time
  • Punching verification

BIM Expert

BIM Expert is the perfect software for exchanging models between Diamonds, Tekla Structures, SAP 2000, PowerConnect and IDEA Statica or vice versa.
  • Eurocode 5 (BE, NL)
  • Service class and load duration class
  • Buckling length calculation
  • Lateral torsional buckling supports
  • Creep calculation

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