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BIM Expert

BIM Exchanging software

Diamonds plug-in

  • Conversion to neutral format
  • Preservation of supports, loads and boundary conditions
  • Save as Diamonds file
  • Open directly in Diamonds

PowerConnect plug-in

  • Conversion to neutral format
  • Preservation bolts, welds and stiffeners
  • Save as PowerConnect file
  • Open directly in PowerConnect

Tekla Structures plug-in

  • Conversion to neutral format
  • Choice between Tekla version 20.0, 20/1.1, 20/1.1, 2016/7/8, 2016/7/8i
  • Mapping of materials and cross-sections
  • Auto-recognition of connection components
Tekla and Tekla Structures are registered trademarks of Trimble Solutions Corporation

Idea Statica plug-in

  • Conversion to neutral format
  • One or more nodes at once
  • Save as Idea file
  • Open directly in Idea
IDEA STATICA is a registered trademark of IDEA RS s.r.o.

Tekla Structures < > Diamonds

With BIM Expert you smoothly go from the modeling of the physical structure in Tekla Structures to the analysis in Diamonds. Tekla sections and materials are compared and matched with those in Diamonds and transferred. Add supports, hinges and loads in Diamonds and optimize the structue. Afterwards you synchronize the modified Diamonds calculation model with the Tekla Structures model.

Diamonds > Idea Statica Connection

Send one or more nodes at the same time from the global Diamonds calculation model via BIM Expert to Idea Statica Connection for the detailing of complex connections.

Tekla Structures < > PowerConnect

Using BIM Expert you can easily calculate connections from Tekla Structures with PowerConnect. The geometry is recognized by PowerConnect and the connection can be optimized. All adjustments are sent neatly back to Tekla Structures via BIM Expert, with recognition and retention of Tekla connection components (14, 24, 29, 40, 41, 77 etc ...)
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