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Industrihydraulik Sweden AB

Proper competitive advantage in the market with IRONCAD

Industrihydraulik AB is a very successful company that designs complete hydraulic systems, valve blocks and hydraulic power units in IRONCAD. Their brand is globally recognized and a large part of their products are exported all over the world. Industrihydraulik is a long-standing IRONCAD user. Hydraulic tanks can be designed using the SheetMetal feature and expanded sheet metal exported to DXF for laser cutting. Frameworks can be designed easily with bent plate or beam and the profile range in IRONCAD. Many components such as filters, motors, pumps and other purchased components are easily imported into IRONCAD and all can be managed in the same file if desired. Pipes and hose routing are designed with 3D curves and everything can be optimized in 3D CAD to get the best fit instantly.

With IRONCAD , Industrial Hydraulics has gained a real competitive advantage in the market.

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