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Husqvarna AB

Need for a flexible 3D CAD solution for production

Husqvarna Group, is the market leader in e.g. professional chainsaws, pole saws and brush cutters. These are constructed in a "High end" solution since many years. While it is a competent system, it entails high costs both in terms of software and the time it takes to learn the program. For these reasons, among others, many people in the production departments were still using 2D CAD instead. During a visit to the subcontracting fair in Jönköping, they saw IRONCAD and saw how freely it worked and decided to test the program. They quickly realised that IRONCAD was the right solution for Husqvarna.

IRONCAD was selected as the most suitable solution

IRONCAD has a wide register of different formats that can be imported. Existing CATIA files can be imported to IRONCAD, both Part and Compilation files. This opens up the possibility of using the geometries already created in the design department as a basis for fixtures and a host of other production tools. Much is "one off" and has to be produced in the shortest possible time, so it is important that things go incredibly fast in IRONCAD. By removing all the locks that prevent free work in standard 3D solutions, all users can design faster.

The equipment needed to make chainsaws in the workshop, for example, can now be created more easily and at lower cost. The existing product library of 3D models can be used as a basis for new tools being developed. IRONCAD is appreciated and is now used in several different departments within Husqvarna, including for example foundry.

IRONCAD is now also being used for the layout of a new billion-dollar factory

Husqvarna decided to use IRONCAD for their billion-dollar project, which involved a brand new factory facility of over 10,000 square meters! The new Edge factory manufactures saw chains and swords to extremely high quality standards. It uses the latest and most modern solutions for efficient production. The plant has been created and managed with great success in IRONCAD which can handle 10,000 batches in the same file. This dramatically facilitates the handling of imported machinery and equipment. It could be a CNC mill delivered from a subcontractor in STEP format. Not having to manage unnecessary constaints and instead using smart tools is also a big advantage.

The PLM solution DDM is now used for data management

DDM is a complete PLM system from CSI in England and is supplied by Solidmakarna in Sweden. DDM helps Husqvarna keep track of the files for the entire Edge factory project. With the support of DDM , all file types can be organised and audit managed across their lifecycle in a simple and transparent way. This applies to CAD files as well as all other file types. For example, parts in a CNC machine can be replaced or the software used can be updated. When, why and by whom information can then be found easily and quickly, as well as previous versions and whether parts are also used in other machines.

Husqvarna uses IRONCAD for special machines

Robert Lerbro works with developing different types of test rigs and aids in IRONCAD. He says:

"IRONCAD works incredibly quickly and smoothly. I can design different types of rigs and mechanical solutions in much less time than in traditional 3D CAD. There's no way to keep up with the speed you can design in IRONCAD with any other 3D system. This is very possible because IRONCAD is so flexible and cleverly designed. Anyone who sees how fast you can work in IRONCAD will be truly amazed. I also create more advanced shapes and use sheetmetal, for example, for many things. I'm super happy with IRONCAD support , training and software."


"We have seen great benefits from using IRONCAD in production here at Husqvarna and are very pleased with the functionality of the program as well as the training and support we receive from Solidmakarna"

Åke Lindholm, IT Coordinator NORDIC, Husqvarna Group.

Pictures: Husqvarna Group

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