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Nefab Packaging

World leader in packaging

Nefab operates globally and currently employs over 3,000 people. It designs and manufactures custom packaging solutions for companies in the telecom, energy, automotive, healthcare and aerospace industries. Nefab offers services and complete packaging solutions that are optimized to reduce both total cost and environmental impact. With so many different categories of customers, there is a wide range of products to be handled. It has been using IRONCAD for a long time with great success to develop different types of packaging solutions. Solidmakarna has supplied software, support and training to Nefab globally in many continents.

Haven't found any other program that can solve the need as IRONCAD can do

To create a solution tailored to the customer's product, Nefab often needs to import 3D CAD files exported from the customer's CAD solution. This can be, for example, a STEP file consisting of a large compilation with 100's of sometimes many, many 1000's of details. These come in as separate Parts in a single 3D file in IRONCAD. The program can handle entire assemblies in a single file. We have seen examples with 1 000 000 parts in a single file in IRONCAD!

This means that the problem in traditional 3D solutions that Parter has to be saved out as separate files and that compilations have a different file format does not exist in IRONCAD. Instead of 10 000 files the user has only 1 file to manage. The user gets with the complete compilation structure at import. However, Compilations and Partners can be linked out to their own files if desired. This is a great advantage for Nefab as the work is greatly simplified and the user can focus on the packaging solution instead of the CAD solution.

IRONCAD can switch methodologies easily when needed, freely or parametrically

Using IRONCAD's handles and dynamic modelling features, Nefab can drag-and-drop their packaging design from IRONCAD's catalogues allowing them to customise the packaging uniquely for the customer's purpose and also with a high degree of precision. Not only does IRONCAD get the packaging right, it also takes just hours to create- rather than weeks.

The directories are bidirectional so that Parts and Compilations can be dragged and dropped into a directory and reused later in a flash by dragging and dropping. Nefab has built a large number of custom catalogs with custom details that make the work really efficient, like building with Lego. The parts in IRONCAD are intelligent and can be customized to bait different ways as they are used. For example, when dragging and dropping from a directory, they automatically find their position and even know how to fit together and behave when changed.

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