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IRONCAD is a flexible and powerful CAD system

IRONCAD is a cost-effective 3D CAD system for construction.
With IRONCAD, you can develop products faster, more freely and intuitively.
The picture below shows a machine for manufacturing rock bolts,
designed in IRONCAD by Forsell Machinery.

IRONCAD is a complete & cost-effective 3D solution for construction. With IRONCAD, you can develop products much faster and easier. Thus saving lots of valuable time. Let us show you how. 

IRONCAD - the fastest and easiest way to 3D

The trial version contains the same functionality as a "live" version.
Free support is included during the trial period. Completely free for 30 days.
See system recommendation.

IronCAD has enabled Axium Process to quickly design and filtration equipment and Blar Lbar

'Michael Bowen '

Nefab received two awards at the WorldStar Packaging Contest 2023. Both solutions help customers save environmental and financial resources in supply chains

"NEFAB has over 120 IRONCAD users spread all over the world. IRONCAD solves our various design needs that no other 3D system can."

Urban Olars

IronCAD has enabled Axium Process to quickly design and filtration equipment and Blar Lbar

Michael Bowen

'Urban Olars '

IRONCAD solves the need to create different variants of a product incredibly efficiently.
Drag & drop smart parts from catalogues. These attach magnetically and also resize automatically depending on where you place them.

The dimensions of entire assemblies are adjusted in a flash by pulling the handle - done!

With IRONCAD you use Parametric design when appropriate and free design in the normal case. You choose freely between both methods and switch in the same batch. Here, complete and customer-unique solutions can be created easily and quickly!

Intelligent models for configurations

Sheet Metal

With IRONCAD you get access to fast and efficient functions to create bent sheets and spread them with one click.
Even expand imported plates.

Export expanded 2D DWG/DXF plates to laser cutting with the click of a button. Also, measure the finished bent sheet on a 2D drawing.

The tools are comprehensive for various Sheet Metal needs and are as simple as drag-and-drop, push and pull.

Features and tools that give you more freedom in 3D

TriBall is a great feature of IRONCAD. You can move, copy or modify anything in 3D; freely, lightning fast and with full precision. Replaces the need for Plan.

Drag & drop finished 3D shapes, parts or entire assemblies to/from catalogues. Or use a 2D sketch and extrude to 3D - choose what works best at any given time.

Pull handles and snap to other parties, even in other compilations, to make precise changes in seconds.

Create and modify directly in the compilation

File management in IRONCAD is a real-time saver. You can design directly in the assembly in one & the same file, no matter if the design consists of 1 or 10 000 parts.

Link parts to external files only if and when you want. You can focus on design instead of administration.

You don't have to create the part in its own separate file and guess if it fits in the assembly.

You can create sub-sets with a mouse click in the 3D scene.  

True "Top-Down design"! Of course, you can also link in existing files "Bottom - Up".

Many find IRONCAD works so much more smoothly than traditional solutions like SolidWorks, Creo and Inventor.

A more flexible way to create in 3D

IRONCAD is a powerful 3D CAD system used in a variety of fields.
Common areas are machine design, production equipment, fixtures, technical sales, interior design and layout.

The free and flexible way of working encourages creativity. The freedom from deadlocks also allows you to design faster. We have reference users who have more than halved the time taken after switching to IRONCAD from the most common solutions.

The freedom of 3D provides excellent support for the all-important concept phase and even late unplanned changes without lots of "Rebuild Error" - which is a major problem in traditional solutions. Instead, IRONCAD allows you to meet your customer's changing requirements in record time.

Of course, the IRONCAD licence is permanent and you will not be at the mercy of rental licences.

IC Mechanical - standard components in 3D and lots of functions

IC Mechanical is a Toolbox that solves your need for various standard 3D components such as screws, nuts, washers, threads, steel beams, aluminium profiles, locking rings, o-rings, packing boxes, sprockets, beam joints, wedge tracks and more.

Also included are some really smart features, such as steel stairs, railings, piping, extended bill of materials tools, creating unique QR codes for 2D drawings, lightning-fast 2D DWG/DXF export directly from 3D and more.

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